Show Some Love, Reconnect.

February 2015

Ah. February, a month often associated with Valentines day  - or more recently dubbed as singles awareness month.

Possibly one of the more daunting hallmark holidays for some while for others it is a day to display their love for a significant other.  

However, is there not another way we can show our love for the people we care about?

Or what about the people we care about but due to this thing called life we some how lost touch with them...

Whether it is an old friend who moved away or a family member who we simply grew apart from wouldn't it be nice to reconnect?

If you are thinking "yes" then this month's HYPELITE CHALLENGE is for you!

Think of someone you have lost touch with...

Someone who use to play a role in your life but due to whatever circumstances you no longer share that relationship you once had.

This February, show them some love. 

We challenge you to reconnect with somebody you have lost touch with.

Send them a text. Shoot them a message on Facebook. Mail them a letter. 

You never know how much it could mean to them. Maybe they have been wanting to reach out you too!

Whatever way that you choose to do so we are sure it will be well received and you will be happy you did it.

And who knows, maybe you can score a Valentine's date too.

Will you accept the challenge!?