When we originally surveyed the students at new milford high school we were set out to determine what their goals were for their future. We asked questions such as "do you think about your future? Do you plan on going to college after high school? Would you like to learn about different industries before choosing a major? and also more unique questions like "Do you have fears about pursuing your dreams? Our original intention was to collect data on which industries the students we interested in learning more about in effort to organize a career fair. But what we found, was the students needed more then to simply learn about different industries and career options. They needed a big confidence boost

A bridge starting to form

when the hl team got together to review our collected data of over 400 hs students we realized the obvious, students were thinking about their future and had several ideas about what thei wanted to pursue. SO we set out to make this a career day unlike any other. An interactive day was the goal, something informative but yet strongly engaging and captivating. Inspiration was the theme. If we could inspire students to really throw away any fears and really go after whatever it is that they dream about, well then that would be a successful start. But how can we inspire so many to do something so bold as to throw away fears? The only plausible way is to introduce them to people to who are living proof that you can do what you love and be successful.