2015 Bridging the G.A.P.P

HYPELITE’s first ever “Bridging the G.A.P.P.” event was hosted by New Milford High School with the hopes of inspiring students to pursue a passionate, purposeful life.

How it all began…

After surveying the student body at NMHS, it was evident that students were concerned about where their path might lead them after high school.  The doubts, concerns, and fears were apparent and many students worried about failing, not making enough money, and insufficient job opportunities when it came to life after high school.  HYPELITE wanted to develop a solution to help these students find their place in the world, and thus, Bridging the G.A.P.P. emerged. The acronym, G.A.P.P., stands for guidance, advice, passion, and purpose, which was the foundation of the event and exactly what was delivered to students.

Bridging the G.A.P.P. at New Milford High School was intended to inspire students to discover their passions, and to do what makes them happy.  At the same time, HYPELITE wanted to reassure students that their future could be whatever they want it to be. To help with this, keynote speakers, passionate professionals, and recent college graduates from the area were invited to speak with the students about their own personal journeys after high school.  The speakers weren’t necessarily speaking with the students about their careers but more about how they got to where they are now in their career. Their own success stories, if-you-will. Serving as examples, to show students that it is possible to pursue your dreams, follow your passion, be successful, and most importantly, to be happy doing so.

The event was a way to help bridge the gap of uncertainty while encouraging students to take charge of their future.  

Henry David Thoreau said it best,

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined”

Which is exactly what Bridging the G.A.P.P. aims to do for students.