How HYPELITE Bridged A Gap

How did HYPELITE come to be?

Let me shed some light.

It was the summer of 2012, and I was making my way slowly but surely through the pages of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. An all-time best selling self-help book that I was convinced would lead me to riches. However, what it led me to was an idea. An idea I knew I had to share with somebody. An idea to do something special, something different than the usual routine of hanging out and partying.  So the first person I reached out to was Alex Bridge, a close friend of mine who I knew was looking to break the same routine. Without hesitation, Alex was on board and we began to recruit more minds.

Thus, six minds came together for one purpose.

We weren’t sure what that purpose was exactly but we knew we wanted to do something more with our lives. We knew there laid a potential in all of us to make some sort of difference, some sort of change.

As meetings became regular something began to take shape. This something, was still unsure to us but we knew it was SOMETHING. 

Weeks turned to months, and before we knew it we were HYPELITE, with a mission to shed light on local hype.  Particularly catering to small businesses. We wanted to help get the word out about these “holes-in-the-wall" that were creating buzz around town and do it for free. After all, we were still in school and wanted to make connections with these businesses.

Thus, HYPELITE, “The Entrepreneur’s Network” as we coined it, hit the New Milford National Night Out with absolutely no idea what we were besides this idea. No website, no business model, no social media presence yet we took on the town wide event with no fear. We did manage however, to get a banner and t-shirts donated as well as some raffle prizes from local businesses to raise some capital.

Looking back at it I can’t help but laugh and admire our fearlessness. This isn’t something you see one person doing on their own. Going to a public event in their home town and selling raffle tickets all under a name which had no legal structure. There’s no way. It’s too crazy. But when you have a team with such blind optimism it doesn’t seem crazy to you. That’s how Alex put it. “Blind optimism” Faith if you will.

So, as time went on and like most things over time, our idea began to grow and evolve.  We knew we wanted to help entrepreneurs and we knew we wanted to inspire so the only logical thing to do was incorporate students in our movement. 

If we can inspire students in high school to look deep inside themselves and find what they are truly passionate about then maybe we can help them to take charge of their future by pursuing said passion. Pursuing a career that is personally fulfilling was something we all agreed we wanted for ourselves so why not help students do the same? And if we can connect them with the established entrepreneurs that we originally intended to help then we can not only show them that it is possible to follow your heart but you can do so and be happy and successful.

But as time went on our original 6 fell to 3.

That’s just how it goes sometimes.

It’s nothing personal but as much as you want certain people to be involved in your movement it may not be what is best for them. 

For the longest time it was 3 of us and we were fine with that. All focused and dedicated to making HYPELITE a reality.  

Until we lost one more. But this time it was personal. A loss that to this day and for the rest of my life will effect me and the decisions I make.  I will never forget the moment my brother told me Alex was shot and killed.

Losing Alex was like losing apart of myself. We shared the same desires and dedicated our lives to the same cause. Now, with a new team, it is in his name that we continue HYPELITE’s mission to Bridge Passion With Purpose. 

Will Esposito

HYPELITE, Co-Founder